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25. Employer Branding: Do's and Don'ts

How your company is perceived as an employer matters a great deal in today's competitive hiring landscape. We talk to Nisha J K to learn how employer brands are shaped, common misconceptions around it and how you can improve your company's branding.

Nisha is a Co-Founder and Director at GreenPepper Consulting, who have been helping companies scale their tech teams. Over the last decade, GreenPapper has worked with more than 400 companies and onboarded 2000+ candidates.

Episode length: 27 min | Listen on: Spotify | Google | Apple | More options

Mentioned in this episode:

  1. GreenPepper Consulting:

  2. Careers page of Full Contact:

  3. ThoughtWorks LinkedIn page:

  4. Swiggy Bytes blog post:

  5. Nithin Kamath of Zerodha:

  6. Kunal Shah:

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