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44. Idea to Product: Choices made by the founders of Typesense Search

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

How do you assess the merit of an idea? How do you decide whether you want to work on building the idea into a product and when and whether you must quit your day job to follow your passion? How do you monetize your ideas?

Kishore Nallan and Jason Bosco, Founders of Typesense search, answer these questions and share many personal learnings from their journey of 15 years in startups and big companies.

Kishore and Jason have had very successful careers working at many well known startups. Jason was VP of Engineering at Dollar Shave Club and Verishop and Kishore was a Senior SRE at Zapier and cofounded Wreally. They worked on Typesense for 4 years along with their full time jobs, until the search engine gained traction before they quit their jobs to focus on TypeSense full time.


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Episode length: 34 min | Listen on: Spotify | Google | Apple | More options

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