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46. Organizational culture - How values shape our career journey

Organizational culture refers to the values and behaviours that the company promotes. As individuals, we have values which are deeply ingrained in us that drive our decision making and actions. How do these personal values relate to that of an organization? Does organizational culture shape our thinking? What happens when there are differences between our personal values and organizational culture? We talk about these with Shiva Kannan.

Shiva is SVP, International & Commercial CIO at GE Healthcare. He is responsible for GE Healthcare's digital technology strategy and execution across 120 countries. He has over 2 decades of experience in the industry and has played diverse roles. As he shares his learnings, you will find yourself reflecting on your own journey and thinking of ways to try out some of the things that he speaks about.

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Episode length: 37 min | Listen on: Spotify | Google | Apple | More options

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