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65. The role of mentoring and coaching in our career journey

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

In our career journey, coaches and mentors help us reach our potential. They not only help us make better decisions but also have an impact on the way we think and approach problems. How does one go about finding a mentor or a coach? What is the difference between them? How do we have an effective relationship with a mentor or a coach? We talk about this with Mary Beth Stockton.

Mary Beth Stockton is VP Technical Product Management - Imaging, Engineering & Sourcing at GE HealthCare. She is a graduate of GE's Leadership program. As an IT Leader, she is passionate about rallying people around a common mission to solve problems that matter. She is a coach, mentor and supporter of women in technology.

Episode length: 31 min | Listen on: Spotify | Google | Apple | More options

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