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What is it like to choose Consulting as a career right after graduation? What are the challenges and rewards? ​ To talk about this, we have with us Sushmitha Yarrabothula, who works for Deloitte. Sushmitha is a Consultant in Deloitte’s Core Business Operations practice, helping clients design and drive strategic transformations that intersect both business and technology. She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, holding a M.S.E. in Systems Engineering and a B.S.E. in Bioengineering, with minors in Computer Science and Engineering Entrepreneurship.

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Have you ever wondered what it means to be a Technical Program Manager and whether you should consider this role as a career option?

To take us through the world of program management, its challenges and rewards, we have with us Rajeev Ramamurthy.

Rajeev is a Senior Director of Program Management at NXP Semiconductors, San Diego, California. He started his career as a cellular algorithms software engineer at Nokia, moved into engineering management and subsequently transitioned into a program management role.

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We look at the world of consulting with Dilip Adiga. Dilip talks about what consultants do, their skills and why companies hire them.

He is currently a Senior Manager at Deloitte. He started his career as an engineer and later discovered his passion for consulting.