Organizational culture refers to the values and behaviours that the company promotes. As individuals, we have values which are deeply ingrained in us that drive our decision making and actions. How do these personal values relate to that of an organization? Does organizational culture shape our thinking? What happens when there are differences between our personal values and organizational culture? We talk about these with Shiva Kannan.

Shiva is SVP, International & Commercial CIO at GE Healthcare. He is responsible for GE Healthcare's digital technology strategy and execution across 120 countries. He has over 2 decades of experience in the industry and has played diverse roles. As he shares his learnings, you will find yourself reflecting on your own journey and thinking of ways to try out some of the things that he speaks about.

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How do choices shape our perspectives and ability to think out of the box? What skills are essential to creating innovative products? We hear from people who pursued fields ranging from Physics and Econometrics to Computer Science, from fresh graduates to folks who have more than 2 decades of experience, from those who have questioned the status quo and those who have sustained their interest over decades. Though the journeys are so different and unique, all the people in this interview now work at DevRev, and have a shared purpose.

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How do you assess the merit of an idea? How do you decide whether you want to work on building the idea into a product and when and whether you must quit your day job to follow your passion? How do you monetize your ideas?

Kishore Nallan and Jason Bosco, Founders of Typesense search, answer these questions and share many personal learnings from their journey of 15 years in startups and big companies.

Kishore and Jason have had very successful careers working at many well known startups. Jason was VP of Engineering at Dollar Shave Club and Verishop and Kishore was a Senior SRE at Zapier and cofounded Wreally. They worked on Typesense for 4 years along with their full time jobs, until the search engine gained traction before they quit their jobs to focus on TypeSense full time.


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